sectionA HIDDEN
A1. How do you know about our services? Website
Please specify:  
A2. How often do you seek SIRIM STS services in year 2018? 1-2 times
A3. Your company category Industry
Please Specify :  
sectionB HIDDEN
Please indicate your level of satisfaction on our quality of services in the relevant sections based on the following scale: HIDDEN
satisfactionlevel HIDDEN
B1 Please rate on our company brand image. 
B2 Our products/services are value for money. 
B3 Do we offer reasonable/affordable pricing? 
B4 Our pricing compared to other companies is not competitive. 
B5 Our respond to enquiries is fast. 
B6 What is your level of satisfaction with the quality of information provided (promotional materials/meeting and training documents)? 
B7 How satisfied are you with the accessibility to personnel through telephone/ email? 
B8 How is the communication skill of our personnel? 
B9 Is our service fulfilled your requirement? 
B10 Please rate our issuance of proposal/ quotation/ invoice/ certificate/ receipt of payment. 
B11 Issuance of confirmation of event (training/ seminar/ meeting) is fast. 
B12 We deliver our products/services in a timely manner. 
B13 How do you feel about our personnel teamwork? 
B14 Please rate knowledge, skills and ability of our resource person (trainer/ SDC Secretary/ marketers/ sales/ administrative) 
B15 How do you rate courtesy level/work attitude of our personnel? 
B16 How satisfied are you with physical facilities and environment (meeting/ training rooms/ AV/ network/ signage/ parking)? 
B17 What is your level of satisfaction with our overall quality of services? 
If you rate us POOR, please specify your comment in detail


sectionC HIDDEN
C1. Will you continue to do business with SIRIM STS? If not, please state your reason : Yes
Please state your reason  
Please state the type of services: Training; Seminar/ Workshop
C2. What can we do to even better? Please suggest
respondent HIDDEN
Respondent's Name: Ahmad Rosly Bin Md Sin
Company Name & Address:


Contact No: 011-33110107
endofquestion HIDDEN