sectionA HIDDEN
A1. How do you know about our services? Referrals
A2. How often do you seek SIRIM STS services in year 2017? None
A3. Your company category Industry
Please indicate your level of satisfaction on our quality of services in the relevant sections based on the following scale: HIDDEN
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B1. Accessibility to SIRIM STS personnel
B1.1 Through telephone 
B1.2 Prompt reply to messages 
B1.3 Call transferred to appropriate section 
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C1.1 Ease of contact with sales personnel (eg. telephone, emails, fax) 
C1.2 How do you find the delivery time? 
C1.3 How satisfied are you with the response from our sales personnel? 
sectionD HIDDEN
D1.1 Overall satisfaction of our services to your company 
D1.2 Will you continue to do business with SIRIM STS? YES
If not, please state your reason:
D1.3 Comments or suggestions for improvement. Please specify:
respondent HIDDEN
Respondent's Name: Fatimah Nazihah Bte Mohd Nazir
Company Name & Address:


BQE Engineering Sdn Bhd.
No.4A, Jalan Sepadu D/25/D,
Taman Axis Primer,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Contact No: 03-5121 3629
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